Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Please read the following statement before visiting the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. By accessing this website, you agree to our statement below.



The names, graphics, logos, analyses, brochures and other information and documents on the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. ( are protected by copyright. The prior written consent of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. is required for any use of the content of the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft., either in part or in full, for purposes other than or different from personal use, in particular, for its storage, printing, distribution and transfer.



The information and data published on the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. or on the websites accessible by hyperlink are informative; DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. does not take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of this data, their use is the responsibility of the user.



While browsing the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft., the user’s computer can generate cookies, based on which the website can differentiate its users. These cookies are used by DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. solely for easier use of the services (registration, login, administration, etc.).


Limitation of Liability

DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. reserves the right to change the information provided on its website. DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. does not use its website to provide users or any other person(s) with advice or suggestions on purchase, procurement, service provision or recommendation. The information contained on the website does not provide an adequate basis for such a decision. Before ordering or cancelling a service, the user should always contact a DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. employee, advisor or sales representative.


Personal Data Management

The user can provide his/her e-mail address, name, telephone number and further details through the website of DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft., if he/she requests that an employee of the company contacts him/her. By providing his/her IP address, the visitor allows DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. to measure the visits to its website and use the information for survey purposes. By providing his/her data, the user consents to the registration and management of this data by DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. or its transfer to a third party (for data processing purposes) and keeping it until the user explicitly requests the deletion of his data. DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. declares that the users’ data are managed in accordance with the provisions of Decree 2016/679 EU (GDPR).


Internet Security

Electronic correspondence is primarily for informational purposes. Unauthorized persons may access the content of the electronic messages sent via the Internet, its content may change or the message may be lost; therefore, DogmoVet-DogmoPharm Kft. does not make or accept official commitments solely by e-mail, unless an agreement to the contrary has been made between the parties.